Last Week

I got home on Monday, and looked at my Indian cell phone. I was going through it, and realized how quickly I add numbers, and delete them. Whether it’s just numbers of people passing through town, or of my friends there. On this past trip, two of my best friends there left India to start […]

Field Trip To Meet Karmapa

On Monday, Built on Respect teamed up once again with Jamtse In Action to work on an event for the elders at Jampaling. Built on Respect underwrote the trip, and the lovely Kyipa of Jamtse coordinated EVERYTHING! We rented two buses, and took 70 of the elders to the temple of the 17th Karmapa, for […]

Helping Jamtse in Action

Here are the latest updates from Kyipa at jamtse in Action, and how you can help! Dear Jamtse members, Prior to anything, thank you so much to all of you for supporting and joining this cause to help the elderly in our community. Jamtse is trying its best to make some difference in the lives […]

Jamtse In Action, Again!

Today, one of Kyipa’s friends donated an autoclave to her NGO to present to the clinic at Jampaling, the elders’ home here in Dharamsala. The clinic did not have one, and had to go every day to the neighboring hospital to sterilize gauze and needles. Kyipa has been very involved, and supporting this home. They […]

More Losar!

So last night was New Year’s Eve. Kyipa invited Kusang and I over for a traditional dinner. We just had a really good time hanging out. Needless to say, we had even more fun making a video of it! You can Watch it Here! Today, volunteers and board members of The Hope Center joined Kyipa’s […]