A long-overdue update

Surprisingly, it’s been 6 weeks since I arrived in Dhasa. I had big plans for this trip – starting SamaSource here was a main priority I’m glad to say, this has been going well. There were so many obstacles — having working computers, finding a good manager, and the small unavoidables, such as lack of […]

Hard work, tattoos and changing the status quo

I arrived in Delhi 12 days ago, and this has been the first time I’ve had time to write about what EXACTLY I’ve been doing for 12 days. They weren’t lost in a haze of jet lag, on the contrary, they’ve been exciting, challenging and non-stop days that have run into each other and played […]

Last Week

I got home on Monday, and looked at my Indian cell phone. I was going through it, and realized how quickly I add numbers, and delete them. Whether it’s just numbers of people passing through town, or of my friends there. On this past trip, two of my best friends there left India to start […]

Meeting My Hero

SamaSource has arrived! Rohan, one of the fellows from SamaSource arrived in Dharamsala two days ago. Today, we met with the program manager and started to get the plan in action. We will be selecting the first students this week! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin