International Campaign for Tibet (12/12)

International Campaign for Tibet featured the ‘Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Ex-Political Prisoners’ project on their site, and also in their year-end issue of Tibet Press Watch.  Read the interview HERE. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

2/26/12: Sang Bleu (Switzerland)

Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and the Rutgers Event, Tibet Burning, have been featured in Sang Bleu. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

#Tsampa Revolution and Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees at Rutgers

Exactly one year after they were taken, the photos of “Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Ex-Political Prisoners’ will be shown at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. The show is being hosted by The Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights with which Built on Respect has a professional fellowship. Since last […]

Tattoos and puppies, some of my favorite things

I’ve definitely settled into my schedule here. Last week, one of my oldest friends here, Wangdu, got his Visa, and left with his wife for the US. The evening we went to the bus station, I found a small group of puppies. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Puppies and Tattoos

Lord, they cut an internet cable when working on the roads, so I haven’t had any for 2 days! Anyway! My friend Deb got here a few days ago, she works with Arvind at the Dharamsala dog rescue. They fix the stray dogs, give them shots, and work in the community to educate the public […]

Ink Time

So I’m headed over to NYHC Tattoos tonight, Tasha is going to do snow lions on my arm, I’m really looking forward to it, we’ve been talking about it for a while. Our friend Jeffro is coming by to take some pictures to I’ll be posting them soon. The past week has been really great. […]