Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was introduced in 1948, but over 50 years later, only a small percentage of the world’s population truly experiences these basic freedoms. Built On Respect works to educate youth, share stories of former and current prisoners-of-conscious, and petition for their release.

If you asked retailers not to buy ‘Made in China’, then you wouldn’t have to:

Address Human Rights!

‘Where is this Made’ is an initiative to start dialogue with retailers.  Retail buyers are responsible for what makes it onto store shelves.  Their collective buying power as in individual is stronger than that of just one consumer.  If consumers publicly ask stores about product origins, and share their disdain for goods made i regions rife with human rights infractions, than the stage is set for dialogue, and a change in product origins.

Visit the Facebook page above for sample messages to send to retailers, and their contact information.

Freedom to Create:

Built on Respect is proud to have nominated Dhondup Wangchen for the 2011 Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artists prize, for which he and his film, Leaving Fear Behind, were finalists.

Speaking Tour With Palden Gyatso:

In 2011, Built on Respect hosted a speaking tour with Ven. Palden Gyatso. Palden Gyatso is a Tibetan monk who suffered 33 years in prison in Tibet. He attributes the work of human rights organizations for his release – everyday people using their voices to support him. Today, there are still hundreds of political prisoners in prisons in Tibet. At 80, he campaigns tirelessly for political prisoners, human rights and awareness for Tibet.

He has presented before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva and the Human Rights Forum in Oslo. He is also the author of ‘Fire Under the Snow’.

The tour included a unique series of private events; Palden addressed the staff at a series of socially-conscious technology companies, included Care2,, and CauseCast. He also presented at San Quentin Prison in conjunction with the Insight Prison Project.

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