Care2 worked with Built on Respect and the Robin Reed Trust to plan and sponsor Palden’s multi-city speaking tour and on Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to hear Palden speak in San Francisco. I was completely blown away by the power of his story and his incredible spirit. Most of […] (6/17/11)

By Jen Burton When I walked in to the Causes lunch room the other day, I was struck, quietly, with emotion. Palden Gyatso was sitting, smiling, with his translator in advance of his talk here at the office. I’ve never been in the presence of someone like him before and I was moved. Palden is […]

Huffington Post 6/22/11

By Thor Halvorssen Buddhist monk Palden Gyatso endured 33 years of torture at the hands of the Chinese government in Tibet’s most brutal prison. He is in New York right now and you are invited to hear his life story — one of the greatest never told. Read the full story here… Love0 Share Tweet […]

Palden Gyatso Interviews

I have started to edit together almost 2 hours of an interview with Palden Gyatso. If his name is new to you — Palden was a political prisoner in Tibet – for 33 years. He escaped to India, bringing some of the tools he was tortured with. He has spoken in front of Human Rights […]

Tea parties, political prisoners, chocolate, and Obama to Beijing

It’s been a week of more ‘small’ things. But pennies are small, and they make dollars. One of my students now has glasses. Maybe a small thing, but he hadn’t realized he had bad vision. After several weeks of classes, I became very aware that he was squinting in classes. I asked Tenzin to help […]

Meeting My Hero

SamaSource has arrived! Rohan, one of the fellows from SamaSource arrived in Dharamsala two days ago. Today, we met with the program manager and started to get the plan in action. We will be selecting the first students this week! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin