“The violation of any person’s human rights should not and can not be tolerated in this day and age. The fact that our friend Heidi is taking on the injustices that have and are being done to the Tibetan people on a DIY level should be commended and supported. Sick of it All believes in taking any kind of action on such issues. We fully endorse and support Heidi and her “Built on Respect” movement… so help out in anyway you can.”
-– Pete Koller, Sick of it All

“I was so flattered that a cool punk rock chick like Heidi Minx asked to interview me – even though I don’t have any tattoos! Heidi believes in engaged Buddhism as connecting the dots, getting people together, building networks and most of all, making things happen. She’s fun and warm but she’s dead serious too – whether it’s ensuring accurate translation of the Karmapa’s words on Youtube, reaching out beyond the Tibet world for new audiences with a passion that shines or raising dollars for the Tibetan community in exile. Heidi gets it that often what makes the most difference is working with individuals, one person at a time, whether that entails listening to someone’s story, teaching a monk English, helping former prisoners to develop their own projects or blogs (and then following up) with those actions built on respect….it’s rare, but that’s the dynamic Ms Minx….”
— Kate Saunders, International Campaign for Tibet

“Heidi Minx is a versatile, accomplished professional who brings passion and creativity to her work in support of human rights and social change.  She is a strategic thinker and advocate who can immerse herself in a community, adeptly identify problems, and find solutions that create change from the root.   She has dedicated herself to serving the Tibetan cause, helping to promote awareness about Tibet’s political prisoners and artists and providing employment opportunities to Tibetan youth, who face an uncertain future in exile.”
— Robyn Brentano, Executive Director, The Tibet Fund

“Human rights and respect for our fellow man are extremely important. It’s the standards we have to live our lives by. I Scream Records is therefore a strong supporter of the Built On Respect Project.”
— Laurens Kusters, President, I Scream Records

“Heidi Minx has worked with Black N Blue since its inception. She has always been passionate about BNB, and we recognize her passion for Built on Respect. Heidi is setting out to do things that many people only talk about; that coupled with the importance of helping people do for themselves has earned BNB’s seal of approval. We will be supporting this for a long time to come.”
–Freddy Cricien, Black N Blue Productions

“I met Heidi Minx through Pete Koller from Sick Of It All. She’s not only experienced and intelligent, but what resonates most about her is that her heart is completely in the right place and she has resolved herself to making the world a better place. Having been involved in the Tibetan Freedom Concerts and done work over this past summer with Students For A Free Tibet, Heidi and I have the same basic interest in doing our share to uphold human rights in places where they are not taken for granted. Built On Respect is Heidi’s vehicle to put what’s in her heart into action.”
–Perry Serpa, GoodCop PR

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