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So last night was New Year’s Eve. Kyipa invited Kusang and I over for a traditional dinner.

We just had a really good time hanging out. Needless to say, we had even more fun making a video of it! You can Watch it Here!

Today, volunteers and board members of The Hope Center joined Kyipa’s organization, Jamtse In Action and took the Khapse (cookies we had baked before) and new insulated mugs to the elderly, as a combined ‘Groovy Grannie’ project.

Kyipa’s organization is a non-profit, dedicated to overcoming ageism, and getting young people involved in supporting the elderly community. On a previous visit, she noticed many of the residents drinking hot tea or water from water bottles cut in to cups. Kerosene to run the boiler plates is very expensive, and it was hard for the residents to have warm beverages. Kyipa worked to get sponsors to purchase about 180 insulated mugs for the residents, and today, we all teamed up to deliver them. I’m working on a video of the day tomorrow with Kusang (as part of his classes!) — but in the meantime, I’ve posted some pictures.

It was really an amazing afternoon. One of Kyipa’s friends had a motorcycle, so I got a lift back up to the main area of town — it REALLY is an experience riding up the Himalayans on a bike!!!!! We caught up at a friend’s cafe and had a late tea.

Kyipa and I have discussed the next Jamtse in Action project, and it is a field trip to the Karmapa’s temple. It takes three separate weekends to do, and each ‘field trip’ costs about 200USD. Kyipa hires a bus, and brings the residents who are able out on different day excursions. It’s really a perfect example of what Built on Respect is about. I made the decision today that BOR would underwrite the next field trip. The Karmapa himself gives an audience to the group. This will be something that I would like to include in the documentary –it truly is young people doing something to make a difference. There are still two more weekends that need funding. If this is something you are interested in contributing specifically towards, you can use the ‘Donate Now’ button on the Built on Respect website, and make a note that you would like your contribution to go towards the Jamtse/Hope Center Project.

Pictures above of the afternoon, the last picture is Kyipa, myself and Kusang.

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