Helping Jamtse in Action


Here are the latest updates from Kyipa at jamtse in Action, and how you can help!

Dear Jamtse members,

Prior to anything, thank you so much to all of you for supporting and joining this cause to help the elderly in our community.

Jamtse is trying its best to make some difference in the lives of our elders with our limited resources and voluntary work.

Our new website is online, thanks to a dear friend Thupten Nyima from New York and we also have an option to give online donation and hence, bringing our supporters one step closer Jamtse and its activities.

At the moment, we are working on resuming our field trip by taking our elders to Gyutoe Monastery which will happen in another weeks time. These trips give a different platform for our elders to communicate and share their feelings with each other after spending days, months and years in their allotted campus. The trip will also expose them to our society and will ultimately bridge the gap with our elders with the community.

We are also working on the project of renovating elders home toilet and bathrooms as they are in deteriorating condition and also risking our elders to different kinds of diseases due to unhygienic environment. Hopefully, the work will start from next week !

We have so many projects in the pipeline as you can see from our group info but without your help we cannot do anything, so please help us in following ways:

1. Invite your friends to join our group or visit our website.(

2. If you are around Dharamsala, join us for one of our projects.

3. In-kind donations e.g. clothes, medicines, etc.

4. Monetary donation in any amount is always welcome and its much easier now with our online donation.

Together we can make difference.

love and peace,

Kyipa, matty and kusang.


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