The next round of projects!


Hi all, I’m headed back to Dharamsala in 4 weeks. There are a few things could use help with if you wanted to support.
1) I have a few copies of a documentary about one of my students, and his work and efforts to care for 17 children. I can send you a copy of the movie for free if you would like to do a screening to help raise funds — on campus? In your living room? 100% of any money donated will be given to Geshela directly, by me, to take care of the kids. Learn more at:

2) If you can take a minute to go to, there are activities you can do that take a few minutes, that raise money for BOR. I actually got the first check in the mail about 2 weeks ago, and it was almost $400!

3) Please invite your friends to the cause — this FB app is actually one of the best ‘lists’ I have to reach out to folks! So, please, invite your friends!

I am working on several projects on this trip:

1) Overseeing the development of the outsourced work center with SamaSource. On the past trip I found the location, manager, and worked to find the students who will become the workers. This will bring part-time outsourced work into the community, where jobs are almost impossible to get.

2) Working on a book and writing more about tattoos in Tibetan culture — and in particular, amongst political prisoners.

3) Continuing to teach regularly at IBD and the Hope Center.

4) Continuing my series of video interviews with young people who are making a difference and influencing their communities.

Thank you so much in advance!
🙂 xo heidi

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