The Last Week


I seriously cannot believe it’s been three months!

I’ve started to take some random footage, just of things I find interesting here.

On Saturday, HH the Dalai Lama returned home from a trip to the US:

Early the day before I had to meet a friend in the main square. I realized HOW different the main square is to what most of us are used to, and decided to tape it for a minute:

Today at temple, the monks were doing puja (prayers) as part of a special ritual around a recently-created sand mandala. It was beautiful to see:

Also, Kusang and I got together on Saturday evening, and talked about the classes. Built on Respect is sponsoring a new class in the evenings. Many of the monks I am working with cannot attend the conversation class, as they are in dharma classes, or studying.

Kusang agreed to create a class from 6-7 PM, Monday through Friday, at a beginner level.. It is best for new students to learn ABCs and basic English from a Tibetan teacher. BOR is sponsoring this class for the next three months, so that upon my return, I can pick up the class myself, when the students have basic knowledge. I’m really happy about this!

Also, tomorrow is the second trip with the elders to see the Karmapa, I’m excited for this!

And lastly, my thangka is done! It was really nice to take some time to study this art:

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