Save Zanskar and Built on Respect Updates!


Happy sunny Sunday from Dharamsala! I just wanted to give a few updates on Geshela’s Save Zanskar work as well as Built on Respect’s latest projects!

First, we have done two screenings of Journey from Zanskar here, thanks to Common Ground — we did a TALK TIBET at Yongling School and this past week, we did a screening and Q&A at Learning & Ideas for Tibet (

Last week, Geshela and I traveled 9 hours to Manali to visit 15 of the 17 children he cares for. We told the children that because Geshela is receiving some generous donations, he will indeed be able to bring the children home for the first part of July!

I had not met the kids before, but Built on Respect has been supporting Geshela’s work as much as possible. It was amazing that I could interview all the kids in English – only six years ago, they only knew their local dialect, and did not know how to read or write. It’s not fancy, but I put together a video of the day:

There is also I piece I wrote for Huffington Post Impact:

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the film for free to use to host a screening, please just email me!

Geshela and I have also secured a date in June to show the film at the Main Temple. Students for a Free Tibet/India, Common Ground, Built on Respect, Peak Art, and Learning & Ideas for Tibet are co-presenting the screening!

In other news, Peak Art ( has started a sponsors’ program. Donations will go to support the gallery, and many of the artists who want to show and work from the gallery. To learn more about this amazing space, check my article for Huffington Post:

I am here for one more month, and working hard! On Monday, the head of the Home Department for the Tibetan Government will visit the SamaSource program, it is still my sincere hope that the government-in-exile will adopt this program to bring work to the youth here that so badly needs it.

Thank you so much!


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