How Bands Can Help


Simple support: We are looking to generate funding by ad-based revenues within this site page. Songs (already recorded) made available for free download here would be very helpful. Any promotion you can give to support the free give-away location is great.

Start a revolution: Throughout my life, I learned of injustices more through music than news. Newspapers may be thrown away, articles archived – but lyrics and music are alive, and they inspire. If your band would like to write and contribute a song to this initiative, you will be truely embracing it’s nature — education, awareness, inspiration and contribution of individual talents. The song would be made available on this page for free download.

Got merch? Talk to your merch company — are they running an online store for you? It never hurts to ask if you can add a new design for Built on Respect, tag it onto an existing design, or even just donate a percentage of sales from an existing item towards the initiative.

Say it loud: Mainstream media may be following the latest ‘it girls’ party antics, it takes a ‘super celeb’ to get the tabloids to even mention charitable efforts. Your blogs, v-logs, mailing lists, websites, CD art, liner art, your label sites, even your show fliers — luckily fans are more interested in these than the tabloids. Help spread the word, every visit to this page helps!

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