Fruits of labor


Saturday, I spent a better part of the day at IBD — we did three hours of conversation in the morning, focusing on the Dalai Lama’s teachings given that week.

While I attended three of the six sessions, I had made a series of notes on concepts I didn’t understand, or needed clarified.

We went through several of those points, and spent a considerable amount of time on science and the mind. Since coming to India, I had wanted to take a class at the Library for one hour each day, but I have yet to make it, as my teaching schedule takes priority. I think things fell into place though the right way, as now the Geshes and I talk about much of what I would learn in class.

Laso this week — after a few calls to the States, I moved forward of Geshela’s website! On Friday, I built out Save Zanskar. Geshela loves it, so I’m just beginning to spread the word about it!

Early this week, I’ll be adding the logo — my friend Tashi has agreed to design it, so it should be beautiful.

I also wanted to thank Rod at Shambhala Sun, he’s been a big supporter, and has reposted several of my blogs on their site:

Please feel free to tweet/bulletin/blog the link!

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