Fascinating Interviews


This week, I started a series of interviews.

One was with B. Tsering, the president of the Tibetan Women’s Association.

They have published many books that talk about women’s rights in Tibet and stories of Tibetan women’s lives.

Today I also met Lobsang — Wangdu helped translate for me. Several weeks ago I had seen the movie: “Tibet, Murder in the Snow.” It was the first time the murder of a Tibetan by the Chinese border police was caught on film; it was a 17-year old nun. Lobsang witnessed this, and painted the scene.

We talked about his trek, he helped to save two people’s lives. Of the 71 people that tried to make the trek, only 45 reached Nepal. He was almost apprehended by the police several times, had to sleep in the mountain snow, walk with only fabric on his feet — hearing the story from him was very powerful.

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