Big Picture Projects


About a week before I came here, my friend Jenn in CA mentioned a company to me – it’s a non-profit called SamaSource.

Here’s a bit about them from their website:
“Samasource derives its name from the Sanskrit word sama, which means “equal”. Our mission is to reduce poverty by connecting people to dignified, computer-based work. We empower the world’s untapped talent – from refugees in Kenya to women in rural Pakistan – to deliver quality internet-based services, such as data entry and basic programming. Our clients range from low-income entrepreneurs in New Jersey to nonprofits and start-ups in the Silicon Valley.”

Needless to say, I thought this program would work really well in Dharamsala — and hopefully within the larger refugee community in India.

I had meetings with the Tibetan Government in NYC, and have proceeded to have many more with different people since I’ve been here — everyone I speak with likes the program.

For the past month, I’ve been working on logistics, and trying to get the big pieces of the puzzle together, as well as work to raise some funds to get the program started.

I guess I’m just ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ now, I usually don’t like to talk about something unless it’s completed — but i realized that it is one of the things I’m working really hard to make happen. It will provide training, and work here in the community. Work in this area – which is so small – is hard to get. Plus, the training that the group will get is really good — computer skills that will equate to better jobs after they leave the program, particularly if they leave India for another country.

Anyway, that is all for tonight. I’ve been online for a few hours — the new website launched today, so I’ve been playing on it, checking out the new features, and inviting people to join.

Hope you all have a good day!
🙂 Heidi

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