An ENTIRELY DIY way to support Zanskar


As some of you may have read on my blog, or on International Campaign for Tibet’s blog, I have been fortunate enough to work with and teach a VERY amazing man. I adore Geshela, and cherish the time I spend with him. Today, we received copies of the movie made about him and Damchoe — and the children for whom they care.

If you have not seen the film, a limited number of copies are available for no charge, it is Geshela’s sincere hope that people will use them to host small fundraisers.

The aim of Save Zanskar is to promote education, and save the distinct culture of this very poor, traditionally Tibetan region of northern India.

In 2003, Geshe Lobsang Yonten started what was to become the foundation of Save Zanskar when he brought 17 poor children from Zanskar to Manali and Dharamsala, India for schooling — pledging to their parents to care for them as his own.

It has been six years since Geshela and the children made their journey from Zanskar. This July, 2010, Geshela would like to reunite the children with their families for the first time in six years. The children will have a break from school the first 20 days of July. The total cost for Geshela to bring them to Zanskar and back is $3,500. To sponsor one child is $210. If it is possible to donate before 6/15/10, then Geshela will know the trip is possible.

Please note, Geshela currently receives no funding from Warrior Productions who produced his story.

To anyone who has emailed me asking how you can make a difference, this is the perfect way! Invite some friends over, suggest they each contribute $10. The movie is amazing, it’s narrated by Richard Gere.

I have a special link set up that comes directly in to Built On Respect’s account and 100% goes directly to Geshela and the children

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