Visa Arrived!


My five-year visa for India arrived today, so it seemed auspicious to get to work on this project. was updated to link to this page, I set up my matching email (minx at builtonrespect dot com), and decided to build out this profile as the main home for the initiative. It’s a lot easier to update than a website!

I also played in photoshop for a while, and created a logo of sorts, I think it works…
The name, the inspiration, the DIY/punk rock feel, and the cinderblocks — to signify the importance of a strong foundation in building ANYTHING.

Yea, DIY!

I have a meeting set with my accountant next week, he’s helping me with the non-profit setup. It will be an arduous undertaking, but one I’m looking forward to. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or want to share your experience if you’ve done this, please, feel free to send me an email!

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