Built On Respect, The History


“Built on respect is the mantra Franky & Minx and Punk Rock Domestics founder, heidiminx, used to build her company – which she continues to use every day. It stems equally from the streets and Dharma.

Be responsible in your decisions. Be responsible for your decisions. Be responsible in your actions, hold only yourself accountable for your actions. Look out for others more than yourself. Never think what something or someone can do for you, but what you can do for them.
Conviction, compassion and patience can propel you forward slowly; anger can destroy everything quickly.

Question everything to see if it is just.

In short, learn the rules, learn how to break them, inspire others to follow.”

These words first appeared on a little-known website I built over a year ago, www.builtonrespect.com. I never did anything to let anyone know about that site, but it was done more for someone who was inquisitive; see, I had insisted that every hangtag and piece of packaging for the F&M line feature that phrase. So basically, if some one REALLY wanted to know about me or the line — that philosophy was out there if they looked for it.

That brings us to the present. As I noted in another area in this profile, I’ve just returned from a full month of international volunteer work. It had a profound impact, I was so unaware how easy it is to help others. I don’t speak 10 languages, I don’t have any trade skills – like carpentry or farming, but it didn’t matter. My ability to adapt, observe, problem solve,and communicate sufficed, and I was able to teach English and computers, and initiate sustainable programs.

Similar to the feeling I had when I started Franky & Minx, or PRD, my ‘light bulb’ went off again, I needed to develop this further.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been talking to a lot of friends, surprisingly, people are calling from out of the blue, and thankfully, every one seems interested in what I’m developing.

It took a call from my father, and to my accountant, to help me to decide to start my own non-profit. From what I understand, it’s going to be at least 30 pages of paperwork (requiring gov’t approval), but it will be worth it. I would much rather oversee funds where I can promise I am watching them in action, and hopefully in most cases, administer them in person.

Using Built on Respect actually came to me just yesterday, in (of all places) the Sick of it All and Rancid backstage at Irving Plaza. After talking to several band members (and being positively received!), I was asked to send them the details of the project.

I started to think what the name would be – one that is identified with me already, that is literally a mission statement for my work, and for the skills I want to teach. I toyed with phrases that inspire me, Noah Levine’s ‘Against the Stream’ which embodies the similarity of punk rock and Dharma, and Joe Strummers’ similar belief, ‘In fact, punk rock means EXEMPLARY MANNERS TO YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEING.’ I looked around, and noticed a hang tag from one of my F&M wrist bands on the counter — and there it was: Built on Respect.

In the past few weeks, I have had great feedback from John Joseph/Cro-Mags/Bloodclot, Zoli/Ignite, Tim/VOD/Blood Simple, Joe and Freddy/Madball from Black N Blue Productions, as well as record labels. I need to give special thanks to Pete and Mei Ling Koller, for helping get me in touch with so many of their friends, and supporting this project.



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