“Where Does My $1 Go?”


I apologize, I’ve put information in different places in the site, and have been asked twice today to answer this in one place!
I am working to raise funds to support several projects when I am there.Often, to start a project, you need money. Whether it’s to pay for xerox fliers to pass around town to help recruit more volunteers, or to pay customs taxes for computers that people have offered to send.

To date, I have personally paid my airfare, rent. etc to India. In addition, I have paid for a new domain and hosting for the Hope Center’s website.

While I am there, I would like to teach computer classes, the last time I was there, may students asked to learn, and we had to go to the Internet cafe so we could all sit in front of a computer. Even this takes money. There is a good chance when I am there, that I will be asking one of the cafes to let me rent several computers several evenings, so I can teach a computer class. There is not a lab yet in the school, so this is a creative solution.

What I am asking is that people trust the work I am doing. I do not just want to write checks to solve problems, I want to use small amounts of money to start things that will become sustainable.

How will YOU know that? Well, I wanted to make this an interactive experience. Not everyone can go and live in a community that they want to help, but you can still be involved. I will be blogging regularly, adding videos, pictures, working with students — I want them to begin blogging on this site. If we put money towards a project, I will be tracking it online, so everyone can see how things are progressing. Really, this is a grass roots mission where everyone is involved!

I hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions!

xoxo heidi

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