That seems to be the theme of the week — reaching out to potential sponsors, to existing sponsors, making new friends, talking with old friends.

Looks like F-Bombers will be recording a song (yea kimpulsive!) kim-p is also talking about working with me to make BOR tees.

Still waiting to hear back from a few more who have promised!

The Hope Center’s website went down, so I bought new domain for them this week – tibethopecenter.org. Raoul in Germany had reached out to me right after this site had launched, asking how he could help… when I heard from Kusang the other day that they needed a new site, I got Raoul together with him. So, there should be a new site soon for the Hope Center!

Otherwise, Sunday I began the DIY ONE DOLLAR DRIVE — I emailed friends, posted on Facebook, MySpace, PRD, Hardcorewebsite,net, B9 – all sorts of places. It really is that easy to help.

My friend Anki from MTVNorway mentioned she had a friend who wanted to do an interview with me — I did another interview yesterday for a journalism student, and had another request from a writer is Australia which sounds neat. It’s cool to see that kind of response, people expressing interest, helping spread the word, it’s really inspiring!

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