Tibetan Childrens Village


Today we spent the day at Lower Tibetan Children’s Village, where Kusang spent his last two years of school, and where Kyipa’s sister teaches. We had a really good time walking around the grounds.

I can’t begin to explain the community feeling, everything that you could need is there: canteen, home, classes, playgrounds, doctors, sports areas. It was so refreshing to see older kids playing with the younger ones….

Kyipa’s nephew is there, he’s only two – and will ultimately go to school there.

He wore us all out:

We had lunch at the canteen with some of the students Kusang is friendly with:

I of course, am a sucker for puppies, and there were so many, these little guys were napping in the recycling shed:

Here’s the ‘group shot’ for the day:

We also went to Norbulinka, which is named after the Dalai Lama’s Summer residence in Lhasa. It was designed by a Japanese architect, and is a center for Tibetan arts.

Here’s a picture from the roof above the temple:

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