International Campaign for Tibet (12/12)

International Campaign for Tibet featured the ‘Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Ex-Political Prisoners’ project on their site, and also in their year-end issue of Tibet Press Watch.  Read the interview HERE. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

2/26/12: Sang Bleu (Switzerland)

Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and the Rutgers Event, Tibet Burning, have been featured in Sang Bleu. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

#Tsampa Revolution and Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees at Rutgers

Exactly one year after they were taken, the photos of “Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Ex-Political Prisoners’ will be shown at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. The show is being hosted by The Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights with which Built on Respect has a professional fellowship. Since last […] (6/16/11)

Care2 worked with Built on Respect and the Robin Reed Trust to plan and sponsor Palden’s multi-city speaking tour and on Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to hear Palden speak in San Francisco. I was completely blown away by the power of his story and his incredible spirit. Most of […] (6/17/11)

By Jen Burton When I walked in to the Causes lunch room the other day, I was struck, quietly, with emotion. Palden Gyatso was sitting, smiling, with his translator in advance of his talk here at the office. I’ve never been in the presence of someone like him before and I was moved. Palden is […]

Huffington Post 6/22/11

By Thor Halvorssen Buddhist monk Palden Gyatso endured 33 years of torture at the hands of the Chinese government in Tibet’s most brutal prison. He is in New York right now and you are invited to hear his life story — one of the greatest never told. Read the full story here… Love0 Share Tweet […]

AMP Magazine 2/11: Do More Than Just Sing About It

Check my latest story in AMP Magazine! The English Beat’s Dave Wakeling talks about participating in ‘Free Nelson Mandela’, amongst other things. Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

The Punk Site 10/14/10

Continued support for Tibetan political prisoners. Read it here! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

All Tibet News & Information

Continued support for the PSA to raise awareness for artists in Tibet! Read it here! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

AMP Magazine 10/13/10

Thanks to AMP for helping share the Street Dogs PSA! Read it here! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin