Tibet Press Watch (ICT) 1/13

Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Ex-Political Prisoners was featured in ICT’s bi-annual publication, Tibet Press Watch.    

International Campaign for Tibet (12/12)

International Campaign for Tibet featured the ‘Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Ex-Political Prisoners’ project on their site, and also in their year-end issue of Tibet Press Watch.  Read the interview HERE.

2/26/12: Sang Bleu (Switzerland)

Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and the Rutgers Event, Tibet Burning, have been featured in Sang Bleu. (6/16/11)

Care2 worked with Built on Respect and the Robin Reed Trust to plan and sponsor Palden’s multi-city speaking tour and on Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to hear Palden speak in San Francisco. I was completely blown away by the power of his story and his incredible spirit. Most of […] (6/17/11)

By Jen Burton When I walked in to the Causes lunch room the other day, I was struck, quietly, with emotion. Palden Gyatso was sitting, smiling, with his translator in advance of his talk here at the office. I’ve never been in the presence of someone like him before and I was moved. Palden is […]

AMP Magazine 6/11

AMP Magazine: Shenpenn

Huffington Post 6/22/11

By Thor Halvorssen Buddhist monk Palden Gyatso endured 33 years of torture at the hands of the Chinese government in Tibet’s most brutal prison. He is in New York right now and you are invited to hear his life story — one of the greatest never told. Read the full story here…

YRB Magazine: 5/11 Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees


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YRB Magazine: 5/11 Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees

Zoom in to read more!


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Shambhala Sun (3/21/11)

Tattoos of Tibetan Refugees and Choedon’s story are highlighted here.


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Shambhala Sun (3/12/11)

Shambhala Sun picked up this post from the ‘Tattoos of Tibetan ex-political prisoners’ series here.


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Shambhala Sun (3/9/11)

The first video to be released in the ‘Tattoos of Tibetan ex-political prisoners’ series was with Palden Gyatso, see it here.

AMP Magazine 2/11: Do More Than Just Sing About It

Check my latest story in AMP Magazine! The English Beat’s Dave Wakeling talks about participating in ‘Free Nelson Mandela’, amongst other things.

Metal Tribune (France) 12/2010


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Metal Tribune (France) 12/2010

Special thanks to Maud for setting up this great interview! 

The Tibet Connection Interview

Tibet Connection’s feature about Techung’s Freedom concert tour, including segments from the Street Dogs’ interviews, click ‘cultural preservation’ in the player.

UNPO – 12/14/10

UNPO picked up the story of the Freedom Concert from Tibet Post! Read the story here. – 12/13/10

Phayul did a great review of the Freedom Concert in Delhi! Read the story here.

Tibet Post International 12/13/10

The Tibet Post covered the Freedom concert for Tashi Dhondup and Dhondup Wangchen! Read the story here.

Tibet Post International

Covered the PSA for Tashi Dhondup and Dhondup Wangchen! Read it here!

The Punk Site 10/14/10

Continued support for Tibetan political prisoners. Read it here!

All Tibet News & Information

Continued support for the PSA to raise awareness for artists in Tibet! Read it here!

AMP Magazine 10/13/10

Thanks to AMP for helping share the Street Dogs PSA! Read it here!

Thanks to Punk News for picking up the PSA with the Street Dogs! Read it here!

Uyghur News 10/6/10

More coverage for the new PSA! Read it here!

Van’s Warped Tour 10/6/10

Thank you to the Warped Tour for helping bring attention to this important PSA! Read the full story here!

Canada Tibet Committee

Thank you to the Tibet Canada! Read the full story here!

Horns Up Rocks! 10/5/10

Thank you for the kind words and PSA support Jo! Read it here!

Fan2Band 10/5/10

Thanks to Fan2Band for picking up the PSA! Check the full story!

YRB Magazine 10/5/10

Thank you YRB for supporting this great PSA! Check the full story!

Young Tibet Online 10/4/10

Hellcat Records 10/4/10

Hellcat Records has helped spread awareness for the new PSA with the Street Dogs for jailed Tibetan artists. Read it here!

Huffington Post 10/4/10

Check out my article on the Street Dogs PSA! Check the full story!

Shambhala Sun 10/4/10

Thanks to Shambhala sun for continuing support! Here they have covered the PSA with the Street Dogs! Check the full story!

Alarm Press – 7/09

Jamie did a great update! Thank you Alarm!!! Read the story here!

Network 355

Thank you to the wonderful ladies at Network 355 for this interview! Read it here!

Shambhala Sun: 6/16/10

Palden Gyatso on Compassion. Read it here!’s The Vibe: 6/15/10

Thank you to SocialVibe for picking up my interview on tattooed ex-political prisoners and helping to tell their stories. See the story here, you can vote/comment too!

Young, Poor & Angry 6/14/10

Thanks to YPA for helping share a very important interview! See heidiminx’s interview with Palden Gyatso here!

Shambhala Sun 6/7/10

More on the tattoos of Tibetan ex-political prisoners. Read more on Shambhala Sun

The Worst Horse 6/7/10

Thanks to Rod for continuing to spread the news! From The Worst Horse

2/27/10 – The Tibet Post

The Tibet Post joined SamaSource and Built on Respect during the first night of job training in Dharamsala, India. Read the feature here!

CPXample 2/16/10

CPXample is a philanthropic division of global online advertising network, CPX Interactive. They have included Built on Respect on their site! Check it out here!

Just Cause Magazine 2/10

Alyssa did a beautiful write up, I couldn’t be more flattered to be in a magazine with such a BRILLIANT name! Check the story here!

Salad Days Magazine – Italy – Issue 2

< From the streets of Italy — thanks to Luca for doing the interview and to Ale for pictures. Read it here!

1/15/10 International Campaign for Tibet Blog

It’s an honor to blog for ICT! Humility, amongst other thoughts

Daily Rock Switzerland Pt 3.

Daily Rock Switzerland – part 3! This is the last in a three-part series, again, thank you Maude!

Daily Rock Switzerland Pt. 2

Daily Rock Switzerland: Pt 2 Thank you so much! This is part two in a three-part series. Read the story here!

Shambhala Sun 9/18/09

I have to continue to give props to Rod at Shambhala Sun for continuing to support Built on Respect! It helps raise SO much awareness! Check Rod’s latest article!

PETA2 Germany

Thanks to Raoul, both Built on Respect and Punk Rock Domestics got great attention from PETA2 in Germany! Read the story here!

Shambhala Sun 12/24/09

Rod continues to support! Here, a summation of my interviews with HH the 17th Karmapa, who happens to be on the cover of Shambhala Sun this month! Read the story here!


This is awesome! PETA2 posted the interview I did with Mike Ski of the AKAs at Warped Tour on social action and responsibility. Check their blog here!

BraveWords – 7/09 picked up on the SOIA PSA thanks to help from Century Media! See the story Here!

Tätowier Magazin – Germany – July 09

Here’s a preview of the full article! Thank you to Raoul for this interview! Check it out here!

NewsNow picked up of the SOIA PSA thanks to Century Media! Check the feed!

Shambhala Sun 7/7/09

Thank you so much to Rod Meade Sperry for this! Look for more, and join me on the forums! Check the interview here!

Shambhala Sun Online

Special thanks to Rod Meade Sperry at Shambhala Sun! His support is greatly appreciated! Check his story here!

Busted Halo 7/09

Thank you to the LOVELY Shawna Kenny for doing this piece! Read the interview here!

FUSE TV – Juliya does a PSA!

Thanks to Juliya for doing this, it aired nationwide on FUSE TV on June 29th, 2009. Watch it here!

Full Contact Enlightenment – June ’09

RAD blog posting! Check it here….

AMP Magazine Feature

AMP Magazine Feature – April 09 Thank you to Lisa and Jason! Get the April issue to read the full story! See a preview here!

Alarm Press

Alarm Press Alarm press did a great interview! Thank you Chris and Rihoko! Read the full story here!

Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal Thanks to Deb, Elephant Journal is out of Colorado. Read the full story here!

The Tibet Post – 12/1/09

I had such a great time doing this interview! Check it out here!

FUZE Magazine Germany

FUZE Magazine Germany Issue 14 of FUZE! You can download a PDF from their site. Thanks again to Maud for making this happen! Visit FUZE to get the download!

Featured on MTV Norway

More MTV Norway! Anki has the translated version of the first in a three-part series with Daily Rock up on her blog on MTV! Read the story here!

Featured in Frank151 Blog

Frank151 Blog Thanks to the guys at Frank151 for showcasing the latest PSA on their site! Visit their site!

Daily Rock Magazine

Daily Rock Magazine (Switzerland) This is part one of three, which will be coming out monthly, thanks so much to Maude (and Anki!) for making this happen!! Visit Daily Rock!

Featured in BrandWeek

BrandWeek – From the 9/29/08 issue, thank you Becky

MTV Norway

Built on Respect’s first press clip!

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