Tattoos and puppies, some of my favorite things


I’ve definitely settled into my schedule here. Last week, one of my oldest friends here, Wangdu, got his Visa, and left with his wife for the US.

The evening we went to the bus station, I found a small group of puppies.

I love the dogs here, I’ve found so many puppies and always blog about when I do. I guess I wanted to say WHY I love them so much. There is something pure about puppies: they love everyone. They waddle over to you, they don’t care if you are young or old, what color your skin is, they just want to give kisses, get hugs, and play. They haven’t been destroyed by fear or hate, they just unconditionally love. There are 8 of these little guys in all, and I’ve been taking them milk everyday. They are refreshing!

I also decided to start to do some interviews with my friends here. My friends who live in exile here have had drastically different life experiences than my friends in the West. I realized that often I only share these stories when I’m with my friends in New York.

After Inked has been helping to sponsor the work that I do here, so when I met Tamding, a Tibetan tattoo artist, designer and musician, I thought it would be really cool to interview him for AfterInked.

The interview is up in two parts, it is one of the longest ones I’ve done here.

Today I’ll be with Ngodup, one of the amazing teachers at the Institute for Tibetan Thangka Art, and his family for a picnic. Later this evening, there will be a belated Halloween celebration at the Hope Center, with traditional Tibetan music. I’ll be taking lots of pictures!


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