Supporting Art Education


Tibetan art is integral to its cultural preservation. Nestled below the Tibetan Library, is a small school called the Institute of Tibetan Thangka Art.

The school is free for its 20 international students, it is a five-year program under two teachers who studied under Sange Yeshe.

The school relies entirely on donations. Yesterday, I went with my teacher — he had studied there and wanted to show it to me. There I also met Ngodup, one of the teachers. The school is looking to start a website, and to possibly try and sell some of the students’ art.

As an art major, I know how important this school is, in the community, and as a place for cultural preservation.

I decided that Built on Respect would help support the school, by developing a website, and working with them to create awareness. So, tonight is the first meeting!


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