Save Zanskar


The aim of Save Zanskar is to promote education, and save the distinct culture of this very poor, traditionally Tibetan region of northern India.

In 2003, Geshe Lobsang Yonten started what was to become the foundation of Save Zanskar when he brought 17 poor children from Zanskar to Manali and Dharamsala, India for schooling — pledging to their parents to care for them as his own.

In India, I worked with Geshe Lobsang as his English teacher at IBD. He soon approached me about a film, ‘Journey From Zanskar’, by Frederick Marx, that was made about his journey from Zanskar to Manali with the children.

Built on Respect has been since working to support the children, and Geshela’s mission.

Built on Respect has:
-Built the websites.
-Set up a FaceBook group to promote activity.
-Secured funding to return the children home for the first time in six years.
-Set up multiple screenings in Dharamsala, including one at the Dalai Lama’s temple, and with LIT and TalkTibet.
-Set up screenings in the US.
-Facilitated making free copies available to groups that want to show the film as a DIY fundraiser.
-Procured press for the project.

The kids return to Zanskar Journey From Zanskar Screening Manali, with the kids Journey From Zanskar screening at the Main Temple Talk Tibet Screening

Visit the Save Zanskar site to learn more.

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