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I have started to edit together almost 2 hours of an interview with Palden Gyatso. If his name is new to you — Palden was a political prisoner in Tibet – for 33 years.

He escaped to India, bringing some of the tools he was tortured with. He has spoken in front of Human Rights delegations world-wide — and was featured in ‘Cry of the Snow Lion’ – when he appeared on stage with the Beastie Boys at their FREE TIBET concert, telling youth about his experiences.

In the first 3 parts I have uploaded, Palden talks about why he was arrested, conditions in prison, the introduction of the electric cattle prod in the 80s, and his experience at the concert in California.

His story was well documented in his own book, Fire Under the Snow. Reading that book was a major part of the reason I started Built on Respect, and continue to spread the messages of the Tibetan community.

Here are three:

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Here’s a comprehensive list of all the videos so far:

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