NYC Summer!


Summer is here in New York, but from what I’ve heard from my friends in Dharamsala, I should be glad to be here! The monsoon hasn’t started there yet, and there are severe water shortages.

I got an update from Kypia at Jamtse, the re-building of the bathrooms at Jampaling (the elders’ home) is coming along nicely, she is still trying to raise some more money for the pipes.

Thanks to my friend Rene, he hooked me up with two German clothing companies, they are sending some clothing over directly for Jamtse to distribute to the elders.

More bands have been contacting me, and offering support with re-posting and raising awareness. Candace from Walls of Jericho is on board and helping spread the word now.

In the next week, my new blog with
AMP Magazine will go live. The first entry will be a conversation with Porcel, from Shelter and Judge — we actually got to talking after he read the feature that AMP did on me and the charity in April.

Also, check the press section, a new story just hit in Germany’s largest tattoo publication:Tätowier Magazin.

I think that is all for now!
🙂 Heidi

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