Jamtse In Action, Again!


Today, one of Kyipa’s friends donated an autoclave to her NGO to present to the clinic at Jampaling, the elders’ home here in Dharamsala.

The clinic did not have one, and had to go every day to the neighboring hospital to sterilize gauze and needles.

Kyipa has been very involved, and supporting this home. They are still in need of a blood pressure apparatus, a sterilizer, a pulse oxymetry, and folding beds, as all they have now are a series of cots.

Dawa, who owns Tibet Tours and Travel here, is on Kyipa’s board, and he joined us. When he learned that beds were needed, he graciously wrote a check for 12,000prs (about 230USD) to fund the first bed.

Here is Kyipa, Dawa and the nurses in the clinic.

Here, Dawa surprises Kyipa with a check:

If you would like to donate, Jamtse’s PayPal address is:

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