In Delhi (Ack!)


Mike (Convoy Films) decided last minute it would be interesting to come to Delhi with one of our friends who is in the process of getting her yellow book for travel.

With barely 2 hours before the bus departed, we gathered our stuff together.

The bus is 12 hours (no bathroom thank you) – and one stop at a very bad Indian restaurant.

Anyway, we got here at 6am on Sunday morning, there was one hotel in the Tibetan colony with a vacancy, so we took a nap, then walked around later.

As soon as we sat still, we got swarmed by kids. Some were grabbing Mike because of the camera, hamming it up – pretending they were in music videos — trying to say ‘yo man’. It was hysterical!

I got assaulted too, and became something of a jungle gym. Plus, the kids had a blast looking at my tattoos and pointing out all the flowers (pema in Tibetan), Vajra (dorje in Tibetan) and fish (nya).

I let the kids have my camera, and they started to take a ton of pictures too:

This morning we went to the office while our friend processed her papers, it was very quick! Today, we will go with Tenzin (Hope Center) to meet a friend about t-shirt pricing, as he would like to make shirts for the Hope Center.

I also just wanted to take a minute to thank Taryn. As I quickly checked my email this morning, Taryn had seen yesterday’s v-log about the Tibetan Women’s Association, and made a really generous donation that will cover one of the field trips for the elders of Jampaling to have an audience with the Karmapa. Thank you Taryn! You not only made my day, you’re making a really great day for a lot of people!

xoxoxo Heidi

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