Field Trip To Meet Karmapa


On Monday, Built on Respect teamed up once again with Jamtse In Action to work on an event for the elders at Jampaling.

Built on Respect underwrote the trip, and the lovely Kyipa of Jamtse coordinated EVERYTHING!

We rented two buses, and took 70 of the elders to the temple of the 17th Karmapa, for a private audience and tea.

The trip takes almost 40 minutes, and it is virtually impossible for the elders to make this trip on their own.

Immediately following the audience, Kyipa helped me to arrange a private 1/2 hour interview with the Karmapa. He is only 23, and the interview was centered on youth action and social responsibility. While his answers were in TIbetan (and being translated now) – we had a fun dialogue in English as well. I asked him to turn the tables, and ask me a question — and he too, was most interested in youth action. It was an AMAZING experience!

Here are some pictures from the day:

On the bus…

Arriving at the temple…

In the interview…

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