Classes Have Started!


So on Sunday, we cleaned the Hope Center offices in preparation for the students.

I also picked Mike up from the airport, and we went to dinner with the Board Members.

Monday started early, with our first meeting of the new year. We discussed the class schedule,and different activities. Last night, Kyipa and Kusang came over, and I helped Kyipa set up a PayPal for her NGO, Jamtse in Action.

Today, we went to the bank, and the Board set up the Tibet Hope Center bank account, so soon we will be setting up their PayPal as well.

Below, Mike participates in Conversation Class at the The Hope Center

This week, the Hope Center started their own YouTube page. If you would like to add them, the URL is:

Kusang has been watching me edit video on iMovie, and has since applied that to Movie Maker in Windows. He took video and pictures of the first class, and it will be uploaded to their YouTube shortly.

Mike is helping me edit the footage from the Shoe Jin Tao SFT event, and that will also be uploaded shortly.

Otherwise, despite the general lack of water in my apartment, all is well and we are putting the small steps into action!

Hugs, Heidi

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