2/18/09 Blog


I started off the day at my apartment, with English lessons for the board members. The last time I was here, I had purchased a book of Tibetan folk stories.

Our first lesson was reading a story together. We are taking turns reading paragraphs out loud, working on pronunciation, defining unknown words and then giving a summary of that paragraph in different words.

There are certain sounds that are hard for them to pronounce, so we’ve also been laughing a lot, as we ‘woo woo woo’ like puppies to get the W sound down.

Kusang and I met with some of the staff at Students for A free TIbet yesterday as well to learn more about what will happen in-town on March 10th.

We got an early dinner at this tiny cafe where they meet a lot. They have a veggie soup there that is amazing. Tashi, one of the board members, is going to teach me how to make it — so believe me, I’ll be taking video of that!

Lhakchung came over last nite, and we watched part o Harry Potter on my Mac. It was fun to watch, but so funny as well, with all the ‘made up’ words.

Today we’ll be meeting at 11 and doing English lessons again, as well as working on some things for the start of school on 3/1.

Below: the view from the SFT offices

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