Thank You, And Creative Math


So, I sent out some thank you notes last night when I saw that within 5 days of launching, this site had received over 31,000 views.

Today, as I write this, we are at 33,464! Why am I telling you this? Well, a couple of reasons.

First, it’s my goal to get some corporate sponsors, and corporate sponsors like to see that people visit a site they sponsor.

Also this week, a mailing list was added. I would LOVE to have people signing the mailing list. If you liked what you’ve seen so far, there will be more coming. If you’re on the list, I can send out updates, when new PSAs are added, when a new song by a band is added for free download (three bands this week alone have committed to writing songs for Built on Respect!) And, as it gets closer to the time I leave, I’ll be sending out some updates!

The last thing I realized was the sheer force in knowledge and numbers. Over 30,000 people have now learned something more, and have showed enough interest to check out this site. I’ve gotten emails from Germany, Maryland, and everywhere in between.

We added a donate now button as well. I made it a point when it was added to say, if you don’t have funds, don’t worry. But I was thinking today, if even 1/2 of the people that visited donated one dollar, over $15,000 would have been raised this week alone.

I’ve ordered some buttons, I’ll let you know when they are available!

In the meantime, thank you so much. The word of mouth has been invaluable. If you want to send this link to friends in your email lists, or put a banner on your site, it would be SO appreciated! DIY DOES make a difference!

If you have a special skill you want to offer, just let me know! Raoul from Germany had emailed me about his web skills, this morning, I learned that the Hope Center needed a new site designed, and got them both in touch with each other.

Again, it’s pretty amazing how much can be accomplished by people just banding together!

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