Community Groups
Institute of Tibetan Thangka Art: This non-profit offers a free five-years course to students, training them in the traditional art of Tibetan thangka painting. They are run entirely on donation.

Learning & Ideas for Tibet: L.I.T. is a non-profit volunteer based organization in Dharamsala, India working to teach Tibetans and their supporters about Tibetan culture whilst also providing a place for everyone to share their ideas about the Tibetan issue; in order to help provide

Mercy and Sharing Foundation: Their mission: MSF is currently focused on Haiti, an island nation of over 8 million population where almost 75% of the population is children. Haiti is universally acknowledged to be the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, as environmental degrada

Piyara Kutta: Started by an American friend, who had also volunteered in Dharamsala, this non-profit, which means ‘Beloved Dog’ in Hindi, helps provide for vaccination and the neuter/spay of street dogs.

Save Zanskar: A project supported by Built on Respect, to preserve Tibetan heritage in Zanskar.

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Heidi’s Daily Pictures from Dharamsala

I will be adding all sorts of pictures to the Flickr page, so feel free to check them out!

Cry of the Snow Lion: An AMAZING educational documentary. It’s also available on YouTube:

Fire Under the Snow: First hand account by political prisoner, Palden Gyatso.

Free Burma Alliance: Free Burma Alliance is a coalition of human rights and humanitarian relief organizations dedicated to bringing freedom to the ill-treated and oppressed women and children of Burma.

Free Tibet: To learn more about the situation in Tibet.

International Campaign for Tibet: Great resource for reports and news updates.

Laogai Research Foundation: An amazing resource for information on China’s forced labor camps, the One Child Policy and more.

Minx’s blog for Huffington Post Impact: Concentrating on people making a difference, and looking to find projects that are really something you can do, or be involved in.

Save Tibet: A great resource for information on Tibet.

The Tibet Post: Based in Dharamsla, a great outlet for Tibetan news.

Tibet House, NY: Beautiful art and cultural programs which further the understanding of Tibetan culture.

Tibet Network: TN coordinates the global Tibetan movement, working with many member organizations.

Freemuse: Freemuse is the only international organization advocating freedom of musical expression.
Women’s Rights Without Frontiers:  A broad-based, international coalition that opposes forced abortion and sexual slavery in China.  Our immediate goal is to raise public awareness regarding the coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy, the connection between this coercion and human trafficking in Asia, and the other human rights abuses that arise out of this coercive enforcement.

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